Beware of NIX Solutions Review Ltd.


Please check out these Thieves, Scammers and Low Lives! (Updated October 1, 2016) Russian Version

NIX Solutions Ltd. is a web development company operating out of Kharkov, Ukraine that is owned by an Israeli shell company called United Softhouse Ltd. They operate websites and and offer their services on third party web development escrow sites such as (now called These rogue companies, their owners,  and their employees have scammed a former client out of millions of dollars. A short list of things that  you can expect from NIX Solutions should you be so unfortunate to hire them: Inefficient development, Defective development, Illegal activity (NIX Solutions doesn't abide by laws in their own country by being involved in the development of a hardcore explicit pornographic website; we encourage Ukraine authorities to investigate NIX Solutions on this matter), Being ignored by top management (it'll take a year for them to respond to you), Unqualified non-expert developers (when your project requires experts), Copyright and Trademark infringement (they'll use your intellectual property for their own commercial gain), Poor support (your project will be offline for days without being addressed), Sloppiness (they'll inadvertently alter your sites robot.txt file so that it gets de-listed from all search engines), and thousands of hours of site downtime and inexplicable slow site speeds. NIX Solutions will destroy your business while telling you that it is a tremendous success despite all metrics pointing to the opposite. Our advice is to say far away from NIX Solutions Ltd. and all the companies and parties associated with them below.
Our full 50+ page complaint can be viewed here and evidence corresponding to the footnotes can be downloaded here.

If you have also experienced poor service or wrongdoing at the hands of Nixsolutions please email us at  and we will post your NIXSolutions reviews. If the response is great enough we will launch a forum that will facilitate discussion on the matters.

The following are the address for NIX SOLUTIONS LTD. and associated companies:

NIX Solutions Ltd. (New Address)
2 Karazina Str., Office 707.
61102, Kharkiv, Ukraine

181 Gagarina Ave, Office 401
Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61105

United Softhouse
23/1, Ha-Teena street, Or-Aquiva, IL 30600

United Softhouse (the company's second address)
Abba Eban Blvd No.: 15, Herzliya, IL 46725


(Update July 13, 2016): Hacking attempt: On April 13th I went to and noticed that the site had disappeared. In its place was an image with text that appears to be Russian or Ukrainian. I immediately contact the hosting company for this website and they were unable to confirm how the site had changed and suggested that it may have been hacked but that they do not know by whom nor how it was hacked. Since then, they have moved this website to a newer secure server and passwords have been updated.

Was Nix Solutions staff behind this hack or was it purely a coincidence that the hackers left an image in what appears to be Russian writing? Whom other than Nix Solutions would want to take this site down? Interestingly, on the same day that the site was taken down, several posts on forums on the internet where I've criticized Nix Solutions were suddenly responded to by Nix Solutions (these posts are several years old). Perhaps Nix Solutions believed I had abandoned this site so they took it down and were attempting to clean up their image on internet forums simultaneously.
It's all very strange and makes one wonder to what lengths Nix Solutions may go to try and silence their critics.

I wish to let Nix Solutions know that this site will remain online indefinitely. Nix Solutions has never attempted to make good on the failures of their services that compromised my busines and this latest incident suggests they're still far from trying to make amends.

(Update October 22, 2014): Justice has prevailed. The WIPO decision allows us to continue airing NIX Solutions' dirty laundry.

(Update September 28, 2014): NIX Solutions' team of lawyers emailed a supplemental filing to WIPO rehashing the same arguments that the original response already debunked. Nonetheless, we've submitted a supplemental response elaborating on the fact that NIX Solutions Ltd. is an English-language based ecommerce company targeting English language based companies and individuals almost exclusively. We've also noted that NIX Solutions has no problems with other international companies utilizing "NIX" in their domain name, including a commercial website operating within the same industry as NIX Soluions Ltd. You can read the supplement to the complaint here and the supplement to the response here.

(Update September 23, 2014): Proceedings have commenced. In the spirit of full transparency, you can view the NIX Solution Ltd. complaint here and the response here.

(Update August 30, 2014): In an attempt to censor ex-client criticism and greivances, NIXSolutions Ltd. had their lawyers initiate arbitration to cancel our website's domain. Rather than address the complaint and the mountain of evidence supporting it, they want to silence us. This action is further support of our review on NIX Solutions Ltd.


More Client Complaints

We received an email from another NIX Solutions client describing similar problems with NIX Solutions business conduct. The following is the conents of the email:

Subject: NIX Advice

"Hi there,

I recently stumbled across your site nix after experiencing problems with NIX myself. I have been working with them for about 6 months now but things are really starting to slow down due to incompetence.

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing some advice regarding NIX and how to potentially limit the damage they have done/are doing to my business?

Thanks very much"

We encourage current and former NIX Solutions clients to continue emailing us so that NIX Solutions cannot destroy anybody elses business.


The following is a list of persons who own, work for, or represent NIX Solutions Ltd. These individuals participated in scamming this former client, and are responsible for the extreme mismanagement of this former client's projects. The information is available in the public domain and was gleaned from public websites where these individuals have posted their information openly. If you have further information on these individuals please email us at  We will pay for verifiable public information.

 List of Scammers and Thieves
Alexander Avdeev

Alexander Avdeev

Address: From Kharkov, Ukraine. Currently living in Burlington, Vermont, USA
FaceBook Alexander Avdeev:
Email 1:
Email 2:
ICQ: 387317739
Role: Lead QA person

Company: NIX Solutions Ltd.

Outstanding Balance: $xxx,xxx

Alexey Timofeev

Alexey Timofeev

Studied at: Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (Class of 2006)
FaceBook Alexey Timofeev:
(Old Link) FaceBook Alexey Timofeev:
Married to Alesia Timofeieva:
(Old Link)Married to Alesia Timofeieva:
Email address:
ICQ: 215171489
Role: Project Manager

Company: NIX Solutions Ltd.

Outstanding Balance: $xxx,xxx

Alexey Nikolayev

Alexey Nikolayev

Studied at: Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics
FaceBook Alexey Nikolayev:
LinkedIn Alexey Nikolayev:

Role: VP, Corporate Clients at NIX Solutions Ltd.

Company: NIX Solutions Ltd.

Outstanding Balance: $xxx,xxx

Anastasiya Chyrkina

Anastasiya Chyrkina

Studied at: Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute
FaceBook Anastasiya Chyrkina Profile 1:
(Old Link) FaceBook Anastasiya Chyrkina Profile 2:
Google Plus Anastasiya Chyrkina:
LinkedIn Anastasiya Chyrkina:
Email 1:
Email 2:
Skype: nastyachirkina
Role: Project Manager

Company: NIX Solutions Ltd.
Company2: Netconomy Software & Consulting GmbH

Outstanding Balance: $xxx,xxx

Dariya Maslova

Dasha Kozlenko AKA Dariya Maslova AKA Даша Козленко

Studied at: Kharkiv National Aerospace University (Class of 2004), Gymnasium Kharkov (Class of 2000)
FaceBook Dasha Kozlenko AKA Dariya Maslova Profile 1:
(Old Link) FaceBook Dasha Kozlenko AKA Dariya Maslova Profile 2:
Google Plus Dasha Kozlenko AKA Dariya Maslova:
LinkedIn Dasha Kozlenko AKA Dariya Maslova:
Youtube Dasha Kozlenko AKA Dariya Maslova:
Twitter Dasha Kozlenko AKA Dariya Maslova:
(Old Link) Twitter Dasha Kozlenko AKA Dariya Maslova:
Married to Dmitry Kozlenko:
Email 1:
Email 2:
Phone 1: +380675710871
Phone 2: +380507418691
ICQ 1: 494088367
ICQ 2: 600941805
Skype: dariya.maslova
Yahoo: dariyamaslova
Role: Project Manager

Company: NIX Solutions Ltd.

Outstanding Balance: $xxx,xxx

Igor Braginsky

Igor Braginsky

LinkedIn Igor Braginsky:
Email 1:
Email 2:
Email 3:
Phone 1: +97254203407
Role: President of United Softhouse Ltd., parent company of NIX Solutions Ltd.

Company 1: NIX Solutions Ltd.
Company 2: United Softhouse Ltd.

Outstanding Balance: $xxx,xxx

Oleg Ivanov

Oleg Ivanov

LinkedIn Oleg Ivanov:
Email 1:
Phone 1: +380577840600
Fax: +380577840606
Skype: oleg_ivanov_ioa
FaceBook Oleg Ivanov:
Role: Chief Sales Officer

Company: NIX Solutions Ltd.

Outstanding Balance: $xxx,xxx

Sergey Melnik

Sergey Melnik AKA Serg Miller

LinkedIn Sergey Melnik:
Facebook Sergey Melnik:
ICQ: 449593374
Role: Sales Representative

Company: NIX Solutions Ltd.

Outstanding Balance: $xxx,xxx

Viktor Shalnyev

Viktor Shalnyev

LinkedIn Viktor Shalnyev:
Twitter Viktor Shalnyev:
Phone: +380577840600
Son: Vladislav Shalnyev
FaceBook Viktor Shalnyev:
Role: CEO at NIX Solutions Ltd.

Company: NIX Solutions Ltd.

Outstanding Balance: $xxx,xxx

nix solutions reviews

Beware of Xicom Technologies Ltd. aka

 Updated December 30, 2015

Xicom Technologies Ltd. is a software development company located in New Delhi, India. It's website located at boasts that the company is "one of India's leading software development, mobile application development and IT consulting companies.". We paid Xicom  tens of thousands of dollars for custom software development, and left us high and dry -- scammed and cheated out of service.


The Bad

We hired Xicom in late 2013. Communication was good. We chatted via Skype and corresponded via email to go over details of our webcam project that needed an overhaul. We were told that it would take 3 months to get our project re-launched, however it took closer to a full year. When the project in December 2014, it was a catastrophe. The site was up and down for weeks and caused traffic to decline by 30%. Attempting to regain this lost ground in a increasingly competitive marketplace proved very difficult and expensive.

After several months, issues with the project were ironed out and it became clear that Xicom had produced a fairly stable website. We were happy just to finally have a stable project to launch new features on. Throughout the remainder of 2014, we worked closely with Xicom on developing upgrades and bug fixes. Everything seemed to be going fairly well. At this time our Xicom team consisted of Chitvan, Dinesh, Anush, and Sandeep.

Several new critical features that were implemented on the project malfunctioned and were not addressed (e.g. a feature that auto-alerts users by email when a model is broadcasting their webcam) causing even greater problems for the project. In this case, our domain became blacklisted by Hotmail, Live, and all their associated companies which essentially cut off 25% of users attempting to register accounts on our site.


The Ugly

In October anad November 2014 we decided to re-work our entire chat room system (design, new features, features that once existed but were missing from the overhauled project such as private chat room options) and to make the chat mobile compatible. During this same period, our Xicom team members changed. Now it consisted of Chitvan, Ashish, Aayush, and Sandeep. Additionally, Chitvan who had been our main point of contact throughout 2013 and most of 2014 became increasingly difficult to get a hold of.

A feature list for the new chat room was developed and a timeline for completion was provided - according to the Xicom team it would take approximately 2 -3 months to complete. We paid for the development services without issue as we had done from the day we started working with Xicom.

Weeks passed and we would ask Xicom for updates on the chat room. We were consistently told that development was on track though no evidence showing such was ever provided. No updates in Springloops regarding the task were posted indicating any progress on the task. Months passed with the same level of assurances and in 2015 we asked to see the chat room to confirm the status of it. We were told that Xicom was 1 - 2 weeks away from completing the task. After several more weeks prodding, Xicom finally presented us our new chat room -  a free chat room script (called CandyChat) with some minor modifications done to it - and lacking all the features we had asked for including mobile compatibility. We had paid for and waited months for custom developed software and received an incomplete (barely started) 3rd party script. It was only at this time when Xicom delivered to bombshells to us: 1) they did not have a Flash developer and 2) they did not have the technical expertise to make the chat mobile compatible hence using an untested 3rd party script.

During the same period in time the site suffered a number of significant downtimes. For example, three entire weekends, the site was completely down and no support was offered despite assurances to the contrary following the first downtime. After our own investigation, the cause of the downtime was discovered to be that Xicom had tied our project in with a 3rd party website that was consistently being DDoS attacked. When that 3rd party site crashed, our site crashed with it. Not only was this an egregious oversight by Xicom (the uptime of our site should never rely on the uptime of other unrelated sites) but the Xicom team was completely oblivious to the cause until we pointed it out to them. Xicom consistently lied to us telling us that they were providing support when they were not; No attempts to enter the servers and address the problems occurred on any of the weekends of downtime.

Having spent months waiting for a new chat room (the bedrock of our project) and not getting it, we agreed to continue paying Xicom in order to get another feature completed (Photo/Video purchases on profiles) while Xicom would also complete other features in lieu of the chat room. The bulk of the Photo/Video feature was completed, although with a number of bugs, but no progress on other promised features were develiered. 

As a result of the downtime and delays, agreed to $8000 in compensation and to complete tasks including integrating additional billing options, integrating a new support system, fixing lingering bugs.

At the same time, we sought out another company to handle Flash development for the chat room. 

Three more months went by and Xicom had not delivered on anything and we agreed to cut ties.

As a result of the above, our project is now a year behind schedule and development is costing us double what it should since we have to pay again to develop features we had already paid to Xicom without getting the features developed by them.


Consolation and Summary

Legal action may be taken against the company since has a presence in and does business in the United States.

The moral of the story is that if you have lots of money to spend on custom software development, do not trust Xicom. We can recommend other companies that will provide you with quality services for your business.

Documentation (screenshots) supporting the arguments above will be made available on this page soon. (Email messages, Skype message logs, Springloops posts) Ownership & Team Members

The following is a list of persons who own, work for, or represent Xicom Technologies Ltd. These individuals participated in scamming this former client, and are responsible for the extreme mismanagement of this former client's project. The information is available in the public domain and was gleaned from public websites where these individuals have posted their information openly.


Rahul Mahajan

Rahul Mahajan

FaceBook Rahul Mahajan:
LinkedIn Chitvan Seth:
Address: 512A, Mahatta Towers, Community Center, Janak Puri, New Delhi, Delhi, 110058, India
Phone: +91.25502616
Role: CEO
Chitvan Seth

Chitvan Seth

FaceBook Chitvan Seth:
LinkedIn Chitvan Seth:
Email address:
Skype: xicom.chitvan
Birthday: August 10, 1982
Role: Delivery Head for Xicom Technologies Ltd
Ashish Prakash

Ashish Prakash aka Ashish Prakash Srivastava

FaceBook Ashish Prakash:
LinkedIn Ashish Prakash:
Email address:
Skype: xicom.ashish
Role: Delivery Manager at Xicom Technologies Ltd 
Aayush Chaudhary

Aayush Chaudhary

LinkedIn Aayush Chaudhary:
Email address:
Skype: xicom.aayush
Phone: +919718735440
Role: Associate Project Manager at Xicom Technologies Ltd.
Sandeep Kumar Jain

Sandeep Kumar Jain

FaceBook Sandeep Kumar Jain:
LinkedIn Sandeep Kumar Jain:
Email address:
Skype: xicom.sandeep
Studied: Studied at Jiwaji University, Gwalior (1999)
Role: Assistant Manager Technical



Xicom Company Details

Headquarters (India)
C-1/134, Janak Puri, New Delhi 
110058 India.
Landline +91.11.25502616 
Fax +91.11.25512616Branch Office (Chandigarh)

Sales Office (India)
Rajeev Gandhi IT Park, DLF Tower B, Level 3, 160101 India.
Direct Line +91.9953235959 

Branch Office (Chandigarh) 
35996 Woodridge Circle, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335, United States.
Direct Line + 

Bank Wire Transfer Address 
512 Mahatta Towers, B-Block
Community Center, Janak Puri
New Delhi, India

Other US Address 
PMB 6011, 2711Centerville Rd. Suite 120
Wilmington, DE 19808


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